Total Body Reboot is a 6-week at home workout program designed to help educate and empower you to live your best, health life! This program is designed for beginners, those who are new to fitness or who need a "reboot" to help them get started. Each workout is designed around the basic body movements to help you become stronger and more confident in movements your body does every day. This program is designed to fit the lifestyle of the busy working woman to the hectic lifestyle of a hard working stay at home mom. With each workout designed to take 10-20 minutes a day, there is no schedule this program can't fit.


The goal:

- To introduce movement and exercise in it's most basic form to help motivate and inspire you to better health.

- To build strength in movements that you practice every day in order to help you prevent injury and live a confident, pain-free life.

- Educate you about the basics of nutrition so you can use your new knowledge to reach whatever goal you have from weight loss to muscle building.


The program includes:
-6 week step by step daily workouts with detailed workout descriptions, times, and a checklist for completion.

-Workout progressions from week to week so you can see yourself improve in every exercise.

-Nutrition Guide that covers the basics of nutritions, debunks common nutrition myths, and gives strategies for meal prep, managing social interactions, and combating common barriers to good nutrition.

-Recipes to give you guidance on what foods best help you reach your goals.

Total Body Reboot

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