Nutrition is often the hardest component to shift when making changes towards a healthy lifestyle, but it is the most important! With so much misinformation and conflicting messages around nutrition floating around on the internet, I wanted to create a comprehensive overview of the basics of nutrition to help my clients reach their goal. 


This guide is a basic introduction to the many facets of nutrition that often leave people feeling overwhelmed and confused. I talk about the mindset around nutrition, basics of macronutrients and their impact on various health and fitness goals, supplements, fiber, and strategies on how to be successful in making nutrition changes, and recipes! I also include an entire section on my #1 Habit for Weight Loss that I use with all my clients.

My hope is that this guide will leave you feeling more informed about nutrition as a whole and therefore more empowered to make positive nutrition decisions to help you reach your goal and feed yourself and your family.


*Note: I am an ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist. I am not, however, a licensed Dietition or Nutritionist. The advice in this guide is meant as general recommendations and does not replace the advice or recommendations given by a licensed physician or dietition.

The Basics of Nutrition Guide

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