All The Things You Don't Need To Reach Your Fitness Goals

So here's the thing about the a New Year....

You are going to hear from all the peoples about all the things you NEED in order to achieve your fitness goals.

You're going to hear about all the supplements, the memberships, the shakes, the pills, the bands, the subscriptions.

And I want to take a minute to tell you that you DON'T NEED IT!

You don't need any of those things to reach your health and fitness goals.

And if there is one thing that I hate as a health and wellness professional it is when others in my profession exploit the misinformed and prey on the insecurities that surface in the quest to actualize our deepest desires.

They will make it sound like this pill or that shake is the key to your weight loss success and that it's the only way to lose weight because it's their secret metabolism boosting special unicorn blood formulated by pixies in the Amazon or some similar bullsh*t.

They are counting on you being uninformed, so I am here to inform you: You DO NOT NEED THIS STUFF. You can reach your goals without them.

Do some of them work? Maybe! It is very possible that supplements or bands or getting a gym membership could help you reach your goal. Heck, I use supplements every day. But I don't NEED them to reach my goal. And that's the difference. Because the one thing you actually need to reach your goal is not a supplementary product. The thing you actually need is a PLAN. You need a plan. I can say confidently that no matter what your goal is, whether it is health and fitness related or not, the only thing that WILL determine your success is a plan and the quality of it.

You cannot and will not accidentally reach your goal just because you want it. You will not trip and fall into that pair of skinny jeans that you haven't been able to fit into since your last baby was born. You will not suddenly wake up 20lbs lighter the next morning because you willed it to happen the night before.

You must have a plan. And that plan must be a good one.

You have to have a roadmap to follow, a roadmap that is specifically mapped to your desired outcome. Can you imagine trying to drive to California, having never driven anywhere before, and just getting in the car and hoping you'll show up in California? And then a bunch of car "experts" are like, "hey, but in order to get to California you really need these new wiper blades and these special bumper stickers."

No that would never happen. You would never do that. You would make sure that you have a route, a plan that is specific to your end goal.

Your fitness goal is no different. You don't need the fancy things. You need a plan.

And for some people that means doing the research and creating a plan. For other people that means finding an expert who can create an informed and specific plan for you.

I personally recommend the later, not just because it's my job and how I make a living, but because it saves SO MUCH TIME. And time is really the most precious commodity isn't it? Hiring a professional saves time and in the long run saves money because you don't waste either to trial and error. And I speak from experience because I regularly hire experts to train me when I want to learn skills that are outside my area of expertise.

So the take home is this, ignore all the marketing. Put your blinders on, get a quality plan, and put your head down to do the work.

Do that, and you'll leave 2020 feeling pretty proud of all the goals you crushed.


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