There is no one "right" method for everyone. Learn the proper training and nutrition approach for YOU, your goals, and your lifestyle so you can stop getting caught up in all the "next best things" and find the method that WORKS and enables you to build the body you need to live the life you want.

IMAGINE IF... had food freedom and could achieve the physique you want without missing out on your favorite foods. could drop unwanted weight and build the lean, strong body you want while spending less time in the gym and MORE time doing the things you love. can stop "yo-yo'ing" between results and regression and actually build healthy habits that enable you to KEEP your results and sustain them for a lifestime.


Ashley's 1:1 Coaching plan is a monthly membership that offers educational coaching on training and nutrition that is customized to you and your specific goals.

Each membership includes personalized movement training and nutritional programs that are designed and customized to your goals and your lifestyle. You get access to weekly accountability to ensure you are progressing and seeing the results you deserve. 

Ashley provides comprehensive coaching to ensure you are building sustainable habits and understand the "why" behind everything you do so you can maintain your results on your own for years to come. You also get access to a private group of individuals just like you who are changing their lives one healthy step at a time.


- You have been trying different styles of diet and exercise and have seen some results but haven't been able to make them "stick."

- You are overwhelmed with all the "right" fitness information out there and want to finally understand what will work for YOU.

- You want to stop wasting time and know that the efforts you make in your nutrition and training will actually result in the progress you want.

- You want to feel confident in your training and have a "go-to" resource to reassure you are on the right path and accountability to help redirect you back on the right track.

- You understand that there are no shortcuts to proper health, and are ready to invest the time and energy into building healthy habits for LIFE.


First we assess your current training and nutrition habits and history in order to establish the best plan for your goals. Then we review it together to set up the right habits and lifestyle changes you need to make to achieve your goals for good. 


We set up a movement plan and make nutritional recommendations to ensure that you reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible while still enabling you to enjoy and balance the lifestyle you want with the goals that you have.


We believe that bodies are made to move and that a happy, healthy body is one that is fit and strong. But we understand that every body isn't made for every movement, so we help you discover and build healthy movement patterns that you actually LIKE doing so you are more likely to keep doing them!

We believe there are no "good" or "bad" foods, and that you should ENJOY your food first and foremost. We want you to learn how to make food work for you and establish a healthy and balanced relationships with your food so you can sustain your results for life and enjoy your favorite foods without guilt or shame.

My goal is to educate and empower you to build healthy habits and mindsets so you can achieve complete control over your own health and maintain and sustain your results. I want your health to be the least of your worries so you can focus on the other parts of life that you love.

Let's end the "yo-yo" cycle for good.

You Ready?